Experience personal stories woven into our workday reflections, newsletters, videos and other online resources. These resources give living examples of the life of Christ in action.

Spark: Workday Reflections Emails

Each workday we send out an email to anyone who asks. These Christian reflections may include a scripture applied to a workplace issue, or first-hand testimonies of how another Christian deals with a particular challenge in his or her workplace. These reflections will help you gain greater understanding of how you can be Christ in your workplace.

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The Flame: Monthly Newsletter

Every month, the Flame Newsletter provides weekly reflections, insights through testimonies, stories and reflections on living a life of faith in the workplace. It is filled with firsthand, practical stories about and from our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. It also provides updates, news and future events happening at WorkLight.

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Toolkits & Resources

Our resources and toolkits were designed especially to equip you and your group to work towards this mission, by hosting meaningful programs, inspiring events, encouraging materials and so much more!

Working For Our Father: Video Series

Using engaging videos, this series captures the imagination of audiences and opens them to a world of possibilities in working for our Father, as coworkers in Christ, filled with the power of the Holy Spirit.

The series is meant to be presented to an audience and consists of four presentations that can be shown as one four-hour session or over several separate gatherings.

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