Nine to Five: Podcast

Nine to Five podcasts are conversations with Christians who are actively seeking to align their careers with God’s mission. They are meant to challenge and encourage others through personal testimony and sharing. Listen to learn how you might bring Christ into your workplace.

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Drawing Closer to God

WorkLight President, Wesley Farrow and a founder a human resources consulting business discuss complexities, challenges and also the rewards of being a Christian in today’s workplace and how to do good work and rely on God through life’s challenges.

Looking for Open Windows

For artistic director, Jeremy Stanbary, sheer reliance on the Holy Spirit over the past decade has left him looking for open windows in strange places and challenging times. God never ceases to surprise.

A Mission in the Marketplace

Christeen Rico, an international expansion strategist for a large tech company in Silicon Valley talks with Luke Cahill of Christians in Commerce about defining a theology of work (8:00), a new understanding of success (16:47), and Christian groups in Silicon Valley (21:32).

Biology, Ecology, and Christianity

Richard Lindroth is a Distinguished Achievement Professor at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. He has spent over thirty years of his career there and currently is a Professor of Ecology and former Associate Dean of Research. His conversation with Steve Becker covers becoming a biologist (4:22), stewards of God’s creation (19:34), working in science as a Christian (27:49).

Fostering the Presence of God

Chuck DeGroat, Professor of Pastoral Care and Christian Spirituality at Western Theological Seminary in Holland, Michigan talks with Steve Becker of Christians in Commerce about wholeheartedness (3:18), contemplative prayer (13:05), and fostering the presence of God (20:48). Learn more about Chuck DeGroat’s course on contemplative prayer here:

God’s Unfailing Faithfulness

Bryan Huntington is a young lawyer in a prestigious law firm. Surprising when you see the early challenges he faced. Wrapping up his first thirty years he sits down with Steve Becker and he shares his story, his gradual awakening to God’s great faithfulness, and how he serves God as a lawyer. They discuss overcoming challenges at a young age (1:43), God’s faithfulness (9:52), and serving God as a lawyer (18:32)

The Talent in My Pocket

Have you ever thought of misfortune as a talent? At a recent Challenge Weekend, Charlie Singleton shared a personal experience of his own misfortune that allowed him to be uniquely equipped to be Christ’s presence for another.

Hope for the Workplace

Bill Dalgetty, a former General Manager at Mobil Corporation talks with Luke Cahill of Christians in Commerce about a profound faith experience (7:25), stewardship at Mobil (14:21), and Hope for the Workplace (21:47).

Influencing the Right Way

This episode features a panel discussion from our Coworkers in Christ Gathering on October 5, 2018. The conversation was moderated by Luke Cahill of Christians in Commerce. The panelists, in the order that you will hear them include Tammy Krings, owner and president of The Conversations that Matter, Paul Larsen, Consultant, Coach, and Connector for GiANT Worldwide and ICG Advisors, and Roy Tinklenberg, founder of They discuss integrating faith and work (1:37), influencing others the right way (8:49), and understanding God’s purpose for you at work (18:24)

The Fingerprints of God

Three weeks on a new job, Ed suffers a cardiac arrest in front of three coworkers. Ten minutes without oxygen, he survives with no brain damage. Steve Becker discusses with Ed Varevice the miracle and its impact on the hospital staff (8:40), his coworkers (12:46), and himself (22:42).