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Each month, the Flame Newsletter provides weekly reflections, insights through testimony, and stories on living a life of faith in the workplace. It is filled with firsthand, practical stories about and from our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

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July 2024: Personally Hearing God’s Will

What sustains us in our life in Christ is to habitually do the will of God. But, is hearing God’s will habitual? Do we stop throughout the day to listen to the Lord? When we make our habit of obedience to our Father, we let him know we are available. We are on call, ready to be about his work at any time.

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June 2024: Experiencing Healing and Miracles

The stories this month are meant to foster a greater expectation for God to do miracles. May he move in our hearts to accept his power, to find the humility to accept God’s gifts, and step out in love to those around us. Healing and miracles are signs of greater things yet to come. There is a new creation that is on its way, and we can taste it even now.

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May 2024: Faith, Integrity, and Excellence

We are called to work for our Father 24/7, 365 days a week. When we work, God calls us to bring our very best effort. This month, read and reflect on how inviting the Holy Spirit into our work lives helps us bring Christ into that work and ensures we consistently operate with faith, integrity, and excellence.

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April 2024: Serving and Developing Others

As Christians we know we are called to serve. Contributing to the development of others requires trust, communication, relationship, vulnerability, and authenticity. Be inspired by the stories in the April edition of The Flame™ to see where God is calling us to serve and develop others.

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March 2024: Blessed are the Meek

Meekness is highly attractive and quite effective in opening up hearts. It can be very disarming. It isn’t cowardly, in fact, it requires much grace, self-control, and willingness to step forward. Read more about how meekness is an effective strategy for triumphing over a hard and vengeful world in the March edition of The Flame™.

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February 2024: Be a Light

Daily we must make a choice. Will we chase the things of this world, or will we follow the light of Jesus? There is no “some” when it comes to Jesus. Our light is either lit or it’s dark. There is no dimmer! Let’s all be a bright light and follow Jesus!

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January 2024: An Undivided Heart

God calls us to have undivided hearts. Are we willing to desire only what God desires? Will we ask the Lord especially for the desire to build his Kingdom at work, at home, and in the world around us? This month, read about the call to do God’s work with all our hearts.

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December 2023: Your Will Be Done

How do we know if we’re doing what God wants? The biggest hurdle is a heart oriented to what God desires. The critical part is wanting his will over our own, making the effort to seek it, and choosing that when it becomes clearer.

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November 2023: Forgive Them Anyway

Forgiveness is tough for each of us, but it is also the best gift we could possibly give. In us this will fulfill Paul’s admonition in Colossians 3:13: “Make allowance for anyone who offends you. Remember, the Lord forgave you, so you must forgive others.”

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October 2023: Power of Prayer at Work

The power of prayer is not just an answer, it’s a relationship with God and a life in his love. Look around. What is good that we can encourage and build on? What is evil that we can help eliminate? What is not working that we can fix? What is missing that we can bring about? We are the good seed, let’s get busy growing a Kingdom culture so the good wheat grows strong. 

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