Working For Our Father

Using engaging videos, this series captures the imagination of audiences and opens them to a world of possibilities in working for our Father, as coworkers in Christ, filled with the power of the Holy Spirit. 

The series is meant to be presented to an audience and consists of four presentations that can be shown as one four-hour session or over several separate gatherings. The four sessions address the following subjects: 

  • Accepting the Father’s Gift of Work
  • Triumphing Over Toil, Trials, and Temptations
  • Aligning Your Career to God’s Mission
  • Operating in the Fruit of the Spirit

The full program includes the four presentation videos, personal and engaging stories, designated time for personal reflection and prayer, and finally a chance to break into groups to support and encourage formation to carry out the mission to be Christ in the workplace.

Working For Our Father Series

Presentation 1: Accepting the Father’s Gift of Work

Working for our Father is a call to be stewards of his creation. We work with our Father to enable all to live the life and to make contributions to […]

Presentation 2: Triumphing Over Toil, Trials, & Temptations

“Work to live” causes us to disengage. As a result we live a divided life. “Live to work” expects work to give us personal validation and meaning. Something our jobs […]

Presentation 3: Aligning Your Career to God’s Mission

Our careers become our calling when we see them as part of working for our Father. It transforms the work of our hands into service and ministry to God and […]

Presentation 4: Operating in the Fruit of the Spirit

The aim of the Christian life is a continual growth of the Holy Spirit’s reign and influence in our life. The Holy Spirit is not only for our lives, but […]

Getting involved with WorkLight has been a real game changer, providing our team with tools to bring Christ into our worklife.

Jeremy Jamison

Host a Working for Our Father Event

Are you a Christian leader, active member of a church or other Christian network, or simply an individual who wants Christ to shine brighter in workplaces across the world? Consider hosting a Working for Our Father event in your community.

We provide high quality videos, discussion group materials, and event planning guides: you provide hearts hungry for more! With your talent, heart of service, and knowledge of your local community, you can team up with WorkLight to spread “the light of the world” (John 8:12).

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