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Each month, the Flame Newsletter provides weekly reflections, insights through testimony, and stories on living a life of faith in the workplace. It is filled with firsthand, practical stories about and from our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

September: Humility at Work

In the September 2021 issue, we examine Humility at Work. Living the axiom that it’s better to give than to receive, a company owner describes how his firm embraced a tradition of empowering team members with donations to give to others. One writer shares how she responded to the call to be a caregiver to help friends and their families cope during times of serious illness. A former teacher describes how she placed her trust in the Lord by following her chosen career path and how she landed a job in her field despite daunting odds. We also visit the gift of the Beatitudes in the way Christ preached them versus a self-centered interpretation that often plays out in a fallen world.

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August: Overcoming Jealousy & Envy

In the August 2021 issue, we examine Overcoming Envy and Jealousy. One writer shares how she learned the value of turning away from envy to celebrating other’s wins and accomplishments. Another contributor describes how his relationship with Christ led him to exchange past pain for God’s peace. A new manager shares a confrontation with jealousy in the workplace and how prayer helped her to engage her coworker and develop a friendship. And a Minnesota judge shares that prior to every case, he prays for both the accused and the victim and calls upon the Holy Spirit to guide his listening and decision-making.  

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July: Do the Right Thing

In the July 2021 issue, we examine Do the Right Thing. One contributor provides tips on how to humanize office relationships amid a growing rise in technology. Another contributor shares how she was moved by the Spirit to help out a young family in need and witnessed them flourish over the years. Another contributor describes her good fortune to have worked for an organization that embraced “Do the Right Thing” as a core value. Discouraged by an overcharge from a tech giant, a contributor shares his experience in finding a surprise advocate willing to help resolve it.

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June: The Fruit of the Spirit

In the June 2021 issue, we examine The Fruit of the Spirit. One contributor shares how she followed the Lord’s lead on two separate occasions when she was called by a friend and invited to work for their organization. A health coach with her own health challenges discovered new gifts from the Lord by listening to the concerns of others. Take a Fruit of the Holy Spirit assessment to help you determine how the Holy Spirit is working in your life.

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May: Influencing Workplace Culture

In the May 2021 issue, we examine Influencing Workplace Culture. One contributor shares how a a misunderstanding between two teachers over school supplies ultimately brought them together. Another describes how prayer time on Zoom had become routine until they stood to pray and completely changed their perspective. Another writer shares how a company-wide newsletter helps to build a community of trust and relationships.

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April: Having Hope

In the April 2021 issue, we examine Having Hope. One contributor shares how a curmudgeonly boss nudged her to excellence. Another describes how he was asked to mentor a new sales rep and how their relationship led to the rep following Jesus. Another writer shares how a shy and humble teen from a military family was encouraged to share his unique experiences in an onstage competition–and won! 

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March: Work Life & Family

In the March 2021 issue, we examine Work Life and Family and how we can integrate our lives by relying on God’s grace and direction. A dentist shares how he sees God’s gifts throughout his life and how he and his team are instruments of God’s healing. Another contributor shares her challenges as a mother and a career professional and the importance of sharing Christ’s love with her family and following the path God designed for her.

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February: Facing Anxiety

In the February 2021 issue, we examine Facing Anxiety. One contributor described how trying to resolve his anxiety on his own was unsuccessful and that only by taking his anxiety to the Lord was he able to find peace. Another contributor shared how during her search to fund a health clinic for low-income residents, God encouraged  her to take the unusual step of meeting directly with their federal funder–and they received the funding.

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December: Navigating Gray Areas

The December 2020 issue of The Flame examines Navigating the Gray Areas. A former plant manager shares his experience of inviting a fired employee and his wife to pray with him for future job prospects and how it brought them peace. Another contributor shares his experience on a painting crew of young men led in daily prayer by the owner who modeled loyalty, respect, and responsibility for his young workers.

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November: Choosing Hope

In the November 2020 issue, we examine Choosing Hope. One contributor describes how his company went from having a banner year to losing contracts and how trusting in the Holy Spirit led the entire team in a new and fruitful direction. Another shares how a father called a psychiatric practice looking for assistance in motivating his adult son to get a job and learned that although parents can’t fix their adult children there’s hope in praying for them.

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