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Each month, the Flame Newsletter provides weekly reflections, insights through testimony, and stories on living a life of faith in the workplace. It is filled with firsthand, practical stories about and from our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

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June 2023: Planting Seeds

How are people we work with going to believe someone they really don’t know first-hand? Our lives, our actions, and our words are meant to make him visible and known. By planting seeds we are bringing Jesus to life in our workplaces and to those around us.

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May 2023: Blessed are the Peacemakers

Conflicts abound all around us. One of the most powerful ways as Christians we can bring change to our workplaces is by acting as peacemakers. This month our writers share their experiences of learning the skills of reconciliation through loving service.

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April 2023: Growing in the Holy Spirit

Growing in the Holy Spirit draws us deeper into unity. This month we share transformative stories of the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives and our ministry. Let us dedicate ourselves to this growth by surrendering our own will and letting God’s will define us. 

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March 2023: Good and Faithful Stewards

We don’t go to work to just make a living, we go to work for our Father. This is our purpose, our labor in WorkLight wherever we work or are. In the March 2023 edition of The Flame, read about good and faithful coworkers who are bringing forth his Kingdom and to do it with faith, integrity, and excellence.

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February 2023: Christ in Me

Love is defined as seeking the good of the other, for the other. It isn’t about our feelings or preferences. Christ in me is literally letting the love of the Son be made complete in us, fully loving as God himself. In the February 2023 edition of The Flame, read about members bringing that love to life in their encounters.

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January 2023: Light in the Workplace

As we start the new year, it’s good to keep in mind that when we stand in darkness, we don’t turn off the darkness. We turn on the light! In the January 2023 edition of The Flame, read about how the light of life we take into the world is the life of the Spirit in us. 

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December 2022: Showing God’s Mercy

How can we be ministers of God’s mercy and learn how to encourage others to step toward God and away from sin? In the December 2022 edition of The Flame our writers share stories that show mercy is divine and compassion has a human face.

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November 2022: Being Christ 24/7

Are today’s young men and women drawn to WorkLight’s desire to reach a new generation of Kingdom Builders? The November 2022 edition of The Flame gives us a peek into how this might be possible through the stories of four young men and their mentors and the impact their Small Group has had on each of them. 

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October 2022: Overcoming Discouragement

Living in the world can be a struggle, but our struggle is not hopeless because Jesus Christ is our light and salvation. Let us bring this courage and confidence to those around us, especially in our workplaces, by reading this month’s stories about overcoming discouragement.

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September 2022: Navigating Storms at Work

When stormy weather comes our way, we wish for calm. Our reflections this month focus on how God can take us and others from the restlessness and anxiety of stormy weather, into the calming peace of God’s loving care. Out of our own experiences of his great faithfulness and power, we are able to bring Christ to others, helping them through the storms they encounter.

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