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Each month, the Flame Newsletter provides weekly reflections, insights through testimony, and stories on living a life of faith in the workplace. It is filled with firsthand, practical stories about and from our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

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November 2022: Being Christ 24/7

Are today’s young men and women drawn to WorkLight’s desire to reach a new generation of Kingdom Builders? The November 2022 edition of The Flame gives us a peek into how this might be possible through the stories of four young men and their mentors and the impact their Small Group has had on each of them. 

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October 2022: Overcoming Discouragement

Living in the world can be a struggle, but our struggle is not hopeless because Jesus Christ is our light and salvation. Let us bring this courage and confidence to those around us, especially in our workplaces, by reading this month’s stories about overcoming discouragement.

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September 2022: Navigating Storms at Work

When stormy weather comes our way, we wish for calm. Our reflections this month focus on how God can take us and others from the restlessness and anxiety of stormy weather, into the calming peace of God’s loving care. Out of our own experiences of his great faithfulness and power, we are able to bring Christ to others, helping them through the storms they encounter.

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August 2022: Uniting Christians at Work

Two of the greatest influences of our age—culture and commerce—converge in the marketplace. God calls us to restore all things. By coming together in faith, love, and support we grow in our effectiveness to serve him. This month we explore together how Christians of different backgrounds are coming together to support one another and work together as God’s faithful contributors to culture and commerce.

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July 2022: Building Good Relationships

A core value of WorkLight is building strong brotherhood and sisterhood in our relationships and workplaces. Our writers share stories about bringing the life of Christ to each other as they “love one another, deeply from the heart.” (1 Peter 1:22). When this happens, Christ’s love pours out through us and impacts others around us in profound ways.

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June 2022: Perseverance

When things get tough, we must persevere. It takes effort and persistence to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. Writers share the gifts they experience from enduring. A feature article shares Jesus’ blueprint for sharing the Good News.

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May 2022: Fostering a Kingdom Culture

DKY is a marketing agency that is intentional about Fostering the Kingdom Culture as they work together. Partners and employees share their perspectives based on focusing on the fruit of the Spirit. In addition, this issue also explores connecting God and work, as well as another writer, wondering like the young man, “what do I lack” in his company.

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April 2022: Encouraging One Another

Writers share stories and insight into the key role that encouragement plays in enabling them to persevere in being Christ in their workplaces. A South Bend Small Group shares what makes it work well and our president shares about his first Challenge Weekend experience.

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March 2022: Avoiding the Spirit of the World

The March issue explores our call to avoid the spirit of the world by being poor in spirit. Writers of our reflections emphasize the offensive nature of this call by sharing experiences on the simple life, a new heart, being a coworker with Christ and answering two key questions. The issue includes news on 2022 priorities and activities within the WorkLight community.

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February 2022: Good and Faithful Stewards

February’s issue underscores our call to be “Good and Faithful Stewards”. A business owner’s injury opens the door for employees to be more engaged. Reflection writers share about being steadfast during times of spiritual dryness, showing gratitude for God’s creation, letting experience create new talents, and stewardship with Moxie. A business owner fosters creativity during the pandemic shutdown.

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