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Each month, the Flame Newsletter provides weekly reflections, insights through testimony, and stories on living a life of faith in the workplace. It is filled with firsthand, practical stories about and from our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

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February 2020: Comforting the Distressed

The February 2020 issue of The Flame examines being Good and Faithful Stewards. One contributor tells about a concert experience where the performer, who had a long career and was well beyond his prime, was still adored by the crowd. Another shares the challenges of dealing with a client who did not act or communicate in good faith. And a board member describes the fruit of a recent WorkLight road trip as he visited chapters in Arizona and California

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January 2020: Wrestling with God

The January 2020 issue of The Flame examines Refocusing Our Vision. Contributors share the importance of not only listening to God’s call but responding to it and the unexpected gifts that can come from giving someone your full attention when they need to be heard.

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