What If?

By Louis Grams

What if every Christian realized they have truly been given the power of the Holy Spirit to transform their workplaces and their eyes were opened to the impact of those workplaces on the world?

Would we find more strength to resist and overcome the influences of greed, the hunger for power, and manipulation in the marketplace?

Would the quality of our work improve? Would customers be treated with more honesty, fairness, and justice?

What if every Christian realized they actually had responsibility for the physical world we live in—for its well-being, its future, and the way it sustains life?

Would employers and business owners look more carefully for ways to use the limited resources of this earth and protect the environment and for ways to moderate and restrain consumption? Would we work to leave the world a better place for those who will follow us?

What if every Christian realized they have a real responsibility to combat evil in all of its manifestations in their piece of the marketplace?

Would employees dare to risk their position and job security to stand up for what is right and good? Would they seek the good and advancement of their peers and those they supervise?

What if every Christian acted on their call to live as brothers and sisters in the Lord, as people called to bring mercy, understanding, compassion, and forgiveness to those around them?

Would fellow workers, superiors, clients, and customers all be treated with the love, respect, and honor they deserve as the sons and daughters of the living God?

Would our understanding of God’s call lead us to find ways to reduce poverty, secure better treatment for people in need, and seek ways to ensure that our workplaces, products, and services are not detrimental to our shared well-being, but rather contribute to the well-being of everyone?

If we could be more of what God has called us to be, would we start to see change following in our paths, light coming into darkness, hope replacing despair, freedom overcoming personal constraints, joy overwhelming sorrow, and new life and energy springing up everywhere?

Would we see the earth become more fruitful, rather than more strained and exhausted of its resources?

The need for people who will answer God’s call for change in this world only grows. What if we actually decided to answer that call fully, all in, with nothing held back?

God is looking for men and women who are willing to join him in becoming an overwhelming force for the transformation of this world and for building a new creation. What if we said, “Yes”?

One thought on “What If?

  1. Lately I been hearing from priests that God gives mercy not justice and we should ask for his merciful heart and not justice.

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