Working For Our Father Toolkit

Why Working For Our Father

The Working for Our Father series assists Christians in integrating their work life into their Christian faith. The goal is to unite Christians to accompany each other in living out their faith with confidence, clarity, and commitment. The program uses professionally-developed, engaging videos to capture the imagination of attendees, opening up to them a world of possibilities when we work for our Father, as coworkers in Christ, filled with the power of the Holy Spirit.

Each of the four presentations feature a video, personal and engaging stories, time for personal reflection and prayer, and finally a chance to break into groups to support and encourage each other to carry out the mission to be Christ in the workplace.


Flexible Format Options:

One Day Event

With 4 hours of content, you can create an event that includes fellowship and worship that brings your group together for a day filled with inspiration and discovery.

Two Day Event

When you select a two-day format, it allows for deeper reflection and application for all of those involved.

Four Day Event

Spread out the content to last all month and cover the content over 4 weeks. With one hour of content, you can work the W4RF series into the work week or use during Lunch-&-Learn sessions.

Working For Our Father Toolkit

Event Planning Guide

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Participant Guide

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Facilitator’s Guide for Discussion

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Storytelling Tricks & Tips

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Customizable Slides

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Four Key Elements of Every Working For Our Father Event:

Personal Stories:

It is not a teaching but a personal story that illustrates the theme of the presentation. It sets up the presentation. The story should be told in the first person, illustrate the facts, and avoid preaching. The following presentation unpacks the truths behind the sharing. This live, personal sharing should be well prepared and no longer than five to 10 minutes.

Engaging videos:

Direct and to the point these videos use music, dramatic visuals, and animated text to underscore a Christian perspective on work. The program emphasizes the core messages and content of the calling to be Christ to the workplace.

Personal Reflection Time:

Following each of the videos, participants spend five minutes alone with God. The participants are asked to remain seated and quietly follow the suggested exercise. During this time they should prayerfully consider what they heard while listening for the Lord to show them how it applies to them personally.

Breakout Discussion:

Personal and practical application is encouraged through facilitated discussion in breakout groups. The first question comes out of the reflection and helps encourage individuals to engage and apply the content with others.

All-in-One Video and Guide

Looking for something to easily put on a Working for Our Father event? The All-in-One video was created to optimize ease-of-use and provide total flexibility for the host or event planner. Check out the All-In-One Video Guide for more information.

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