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The purpose of a WorkLight Group is to unite Christians together who feel like islands in their efforts to practice faith, integrity, and excellence in the workplace. Every week, hundreds of men and women meet throughout the country to learn, encourage and pray with one another to shine bright, and be Christ in their workplaces.

Through regular conversation and prayer, group members discover more about Christ, themselves, and the power of the Holy Spirit to bring God’s life and love into their workplaces. Our Groups take the form of either Small Groups, or larger chapters, which is usually a collection of smaller groups. These Groups may also be used as a form of outreach, and participants are encouraged to invite workplace colleagues and acquaintances to attend. WorkLight resources are designed to make facilitating a small group in your workplace, housing complex, or friend group effortless.

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Three Keys to Transformative Small Groups

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How to Start a Small Group

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What to Expect at a Small Group

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Small Group Toolkit

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Chapter Toolkit

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Challenge Weekend Toolkit

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StoryNight Toolkit

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Compartmentalization is a big thing in the workplace today. People have their private faith life and a public work life. We’re conditioned to think there should be a wall between them. But that just isn’t the way I should live my life. I’m actually called to live that faith in my public life and invite Jesus into those situations that frustrate me. My WorkLight Group makes a big difference. I can come to my group and share with these guys who have no judgement. I know they will support me and love me, just as the Father loves us.

– Charlie Singleton

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