With hearts of gratitude for her years of dedicated work and service, we wish farewell to Therese McNichol, Director of Administration, but not goodbye. Therese recently turned in her resignation from her full-time position, however she has agreed to stay on the team, working one day a week helping with a variety of projects and in training new staff.

Therese has been a part of the staff at Christians in Commerce/WorkLight for the past 17 years. She has also remained a part of her local chapter and Small Group for 18 years.

Therese will be taking on a new venture at a local elementary school in Chantilly, VA, where the Lord is calling her to do a variety of tasks.

“For the past couple of months, I have felt the Lord preparing me for some kind of a change, but I didn’t know what it would be,” Therese said. “I didn’t go looking for a new job, and really had no idea what might unfold, but I received a phone call one night from a friend who is a principal at a local grammar school. He asked if I would consider the role of school nurse as well as other responsibilities beginning in the fall of this coming year. At first, I downplayed my ability to him to do the job, but when he said “your name came to my mind” I knew it was something I needed to bring to prayer. I also shared a prophecy that very day at a prayer meeting where the Lord said, “I go before you and am preparing the way for new things. Stay close to me and do not hold back from moving forward out of fear. Listen to my Spirit as he moves in your heart leading you to new things.” So, I decided to put my money where my mouth was.”

Therese has been a strong supporter of the organization’s mission and has become a friend to all who she encounters, whether she’s meeting someone over the phone for the first time, or speaking with a long-time member, her warmth is felt in every conversation.

Therese shared, “I’m excited about where WorkLight is headed and it’s been a privilege being such an integral part of the team these past years. I will miss the staff, as well as all of the chapter members who are like family. But I’m confident the Lord is leading this organization and have seen it confirmed over and over again for many years.”

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  1. I’ve known Therese since 2007. She came to Uganda twice with the CIC deligates . I bless the Lord I met Therese. In her , I met love,kindness and friendliness. I believe Therese is God’s ambassador on earth. Therese has been attending to my personal needs and the Uganda ministry needs very dedicatedly and whole heartedly, and I believe it’s God’s spirit in her that moves her to do so. What a blessing you have been to me and to so many I believe! Worklight will surely miss you. But I trust God calls you to go and be a big blessing somewhere else. You’ve left a great lesson in my life. I will always strive to be to others, what you have and are to me and others. God bless plentifully

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