Saying Yes to Our Father

By Kevin Weilbacher

As a young boy, Jesus grew up under the watchful eyes of Mary and Joseph surrounded by an extended family of relatives and neighbors and friends. I’m sure he saw his parents taking time each day to pray and to worship. He was learning the value of family, commitment, friendship, and putting one’s trust in the Father. Scripture says that by age 12 he was aware of the idea that he was “working for our Father.” He said to his parents, “Don’t you know that I must be about my Father’s business?” It’s a perspective we emphasize in WorkLight as coworkers in Christ.

Jesus was known as the carpenter’s son. From Joseph he learned the value of hard work and dedication. He observed how Joseph conducted himself in the work environment, dealing with customers and vendors, and with deadlines and expectations. And from Joseph he learned how to balance the priorities of work and family and God.

Jesus was well-versed in Scripture, starting as a young child. Prayer and the studying of the Scriptures were important to him his entire life. When he finally stepped out at 30 to begin a purposeful, three-year journey, he not only knew Scripture, but when he spoke, the Scriptures and the promises of his Father came alive to his hearers. “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me … and today this scripture is fulfilled in your hearing.”

Satan tried to use Scripture to tempt Jesus, but failed. In Jesus the “Word became flesh.” Jesus reminds us that not only are he and the Father one, but we too are one with him and the Father.

Jesus spent three years walking through villages and towns, from Galilee and Cana in the north, through Samaria and along the river Jordan, and the south through Jerusalem and Jericho. Jesus was on a mission, he was still “working for the Father.” The Father’s work, Jesus’s work, and our work are one and the same.

Our Father has been calling people to follow him and work for building the kingdom. He’s looking for people who will say “Yes.” Mary and Joseph said “Yes.” So did Simon, Matthew, and John. And now the Father is awaiting our “Yes.”

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