No Worries

By Michael D Goldsmith

Therefore do not worry about your life…  Matthew 6:25      

In verses Matthew 6:25-34 we are told not to worry. The key verse to this whole section is verse 33. Seek first the kingdom of God, and then all these things will be added to you. I can hear someone saying right now. “Don’t worry?, I have unpaid bills, my husband/wife wants to end our marriage and you say don’t worry?”  That’s exactly what I am saying. Actually, it’s not me it’s the Lord Jesus Christ himself who is saying it. 

We are not in control, and worry does not add a second to our life or solve one problem. Worry comes out of fear. I have seen some tough times. I have seen financial wreckage. Yet worry never solved one of those problems. What solved the problems was simply going to The Father in prayer. Asking him, “Father what do I do in this situation?” Then waiting on him for an answer. Then when the answer came acting on that answer. Our Father’s through His Son by His Spirits provision was always there. It came from sources I least expected it to come from, but it was there when I needed it. 

 We in the body are told to be on the lookout for each other. We are told that we are each part of the body and share our gifts with each other. We are told to seek his kingdom before all else. Let’s go forth in honor, let’s go forth in Father’s power by his Son through His Spirit. Keep our Focus on what he wants us to accomplish. Seeking his kingdom at all times, and he will show us the provisions that will carry us through to victory no matter what situation we are in.

I hesitate to use my own experiences in life. That would draw attention to myself. Our reliance needs to be on Christ and Him alone. But let me say this. I had an instance happen this last week. The situation was the result of what another person’s actions that happened in a group meeting. I took it to prayer and trusted the Father through the Son by the Spirit and everything worked out just the way it was supposed to. 

You see all we really must do in any given situation is follow those little Holy Spirit nudges that are given to us. For instance you see someone and get a nudge to talk to that person. Do it. I can tell you this. When you follow that little nudge, lives can be changed. When we keep our focus on the Father and we follow the Holy Spirits nudges, We will be amazed by what He does through us. 

A question to ask yourself: Where is your focus today? On what’s ahead or on our Fathers leading?

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  1. Asking the Holy Spirit to guide work decisions is one of my favorite things to do — it’s one of the ways I keep my worries low. Great story and practical example, Michael.

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