Opportunity & Discovery Through God

Rebekah Samuel has felt the Lord calling her to put her gifts to work through many avenues. In this podcast she talks with Becki Lonnquist, Director of Communications at WorkLight about the wild journey that God has taken her on this past year through different work ventures and callings, like collaborating in a book (Letters of Love), to starting a 30-day funding initiative (LoveYourNeighbor514), and a big discovery of learning that she is on the autism spectrum with Asperger’s, and how that has led to discovery and opportunities as well. 

Letters of Love: https://rebrand.ly/Letters-of-Love-Book
LoveYourNeighbor514: https://linktr.ee/LoveYourNeighbor514
Rebekah’s website: https://www.rebekahjsamuel.com/