Add Your Group To The Map

Do you have a WorkLight group or Chapter that is meeting (whether in-person or online) and is open to having new Christians join you?

Help us to unite Christians together by putting your WorkLight group on the map now!

Adding Your Group: Instructions

Use this form to add your small group or chapter to the map. Submissions will be sent to WorkLight for approval. If any information is missing or incorrect, someone will follow-up with you.

Group Details

Enter your group name and description

(Name example: “S Mpls Men’s Group” or Gilroy/Morgan Hills, CA – Women’s Chapter”)

Meeting Date/Time

Enter the date and time for your meetings.

For recurring events or series select “Schedule Multiple Events” to select your event frequency (i.e. – Weekly on Mondays).

Group Image

Add a welcoming image for your group.

Group Category

Select the appropriate category for your event (Small Group or Chapter).


Type your venue name and click “Create: Your Venue” to include meeting location details.

If the event is virtual, please still include a city, state and zip code. This way the group will still go on the map. (Ex. “Online, Duluth, MN” or “Via Zoom, South Bend, IN)

Group Leader (Contact)

Type your group’s leader name and click “Create: Your Name” to include leader/contact details. This information could be used for contact info for the event. (If this isn’t your first event, you can select your name from the drop-down list.)

Group Website

Enter a URL if your group has its own website, social media page, etc. with more information. Alternatively you may enter a Zoom (etc) link here as well.

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