The Challenge Weekend™ Toolkit

Are you wanting to host a Challenge Weekend? Start with the Administrator's Checklist

Whether this is your first Challenge Weekend or you’ve hosted them for 40 years, our toolkit is designed to help you from start to finish:

Benefits of using the toolkit:

  1. You’ll stay organized: with a linear checklist format giving you both deadlines and a step-by-step breakdown.
  2. Integrates the Coworker Challenge: a new initiative from WorkLight to help get the new Igniters on the weekend connected with the Re-Igniters
  3. Removes financial barriers: the toolkit will help you both set up online registration (allowing you to use credit cards) as well as will help you determine the budget for the weekend so your Chapter does not over spend.

Need to quickly reference something?

The toolkit is designed for you to start and end with the checklist. However, if you need a specific resource, maybe one of the links below can help you find something quickly!

Outreach and Recruitment (for your WorkLight Community)

Click Here to Download

Logos and Brand Guidelines

Click Here to Download

Discussion and Speaker Guides

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Participant Materials

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Resource Team

Have you had your Assembling the Team meeting and you’re realizing you have questions? Do you wish you could talk to someone who’s done this before? You can! Reach out to the Challenge Weekend Resource Team

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Toolkit Overview

Fire Starter Kits

Once you have booked your venue and informed the Home Office of your weekend, your administrator will receive a Challenge Weekend Firestarter Kit in the mail. These Firestarter Kits include supplies that will help you put on the weekend, including:

1) A letter, highlighting the key elements of this toolkit and the use of the materials
2) Challenge Weekend Invite Cards
3) Coworker Challenge Cards, available in both Men‘s and Women‘s versions.
4) Spiritual Gift Bookmarks
5) Kingdom Builder Cards

Other items for the toolkit beyond this are the responsibility of the organizers to print. Any questions, please contact