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How can I bring my faith to work?

In these Christian testimonies, stories and reflections, we learn and see first-hand how God is working through Christians in any workplace.


Remembering John Mooney

Early on April 27, 2018, John Mooney passed to his glory. He, along with Louis Grams and Bud Rose, were the founders of Christians in Commerce. Louis Grams shares his […]


By Rich Preuss “I never told you he stole the bike.” Such a simple sentence has so many potential meanings. Read it over and over but put the emphasis on […]

Whom Do You Serve?

By Art Klaum “Who do you work for?” In social or networking situations, this is not an uncommon conversation starter. A follow-up question may be, “What industry or market segment […]

Foot-Washing in the Workplace

John was a new employee with the company and had been thrown into the middle of a major technical crisis. He had no experience, no training, and no resources for […]

Preventing Workplace Harassment through Godly Respect

In the past few months, many business leaders, journalists, politicians, actors, and others have been called to task for workplace sexual harassment. Throughout my 20 years of providing harassment prevention […]

Drive Like Jesus Would

Most of us have a commute to work; some longer and more challenging than others. How we drive to work can say a lot about our view of the world, […]

Putting Humility to Work

The atmosphere of our workplaces can be very competitive and success-oriented. It’s emphasis on achievement, recognition, and position makes us vulnerable to self-absorption, self-assertion, and self-exaltation. Focus on self is […]

Steering the Ship

Although ships are large and are driven by strong winds, they are steered by a very small rudder… Likewise, the tongue is a small part of the body, but it makes […]

God Works in Advertising, Too

People still remember the award-winning Andersen Windows commercial 25 years later. Only two knew the real story, though—until now. Some Background It was the early nineties and our account with […]