The Uber Missionary

By Steve Becker Bob calls himself an Uber Missionary. As long as I’ve known him, he has been a professional photographer. In July 2015, in addition to this long-standing career, […]

More Blessing, Less Criticism

By Steve Becker John was having a particular difficult time finding what he wanted at Fleet Farm, until he met Kathy. She was eager to help him and give him […]

Job Crafting

Our vocation is for this time and place. Our work life is to be not just a job or career but an integral part of our Father’s creative and sanctifying […]

Foot-Washing in the Workplace

John was a new employee with the company and had been thrown into the middle of a major technical crisis. He had no experience, no training, and no resources for […]

Drive Like Jesus Would

Most of us have a commute to work; some longer and more challenging than others. How we drive to work can say a lot about our view of the world, […]

Putting Humility to Work

The atmosphere of our workplaces can be very competitive and success-oriented. It’s emphasis on achievement, recognition, and position makes us vulnerable to self-absorption, self-assertion, and self-exaltation. Focus on self is […]

God Works in Advertising, Too

People still remember the award-winning Andersen Windows commercial 25 years later. Only two knew the real story, though—until now. Some Background It was the early nineties and our account with […]